Audio-Technica Fukui Inc.

Audio-Technica Fukui Inc.


December in 2010

Technica Fukui 40th Anniversary, establish a new office and integrate three plants into one.
Develops production as a laboratory in a pastoral setting with anechoic chamber rooms.



February in 2011

Starts production active Noise canceling wireless stereo headset, ATH-BT04NC
* GP2012SUMMER Noise canceling headphone section Gold prize
* VGP2012SUMMER Noise canceling headphone section Gold prize
* VGP Pure Audio Grand Prix 2011 summer / 2012 winter Wireless headphone section Gold prize



May in 2011

New office gets "Good lighting Award."



August and September in 2011

New office gets "24th The Best of New Offices"/"24th The Best of New Offices in Kinki region."



November in 2011

Starts production air core MC cartridge,AT50ANV, for Audio-Technica 50th Anniversary
* The Best Compo 2011 First prize, AT50ANV
* Stereo Sound Grand Prix First prize
* Analog Grand Prix 2012 Gold Award
* Audio Excellence Award 2012 Silver prize
* 41th The Best Stereo Compo Grand Prix Phono-cartridge section Win a prize
* 30th MJ Technology of the Year Analog equipment section Win a prize



April in 2012

Audio-Technica 50th Anniversary


November in 2012

Starts production MC cartridge, AT-ART7
Analog Grand Prix Gold Award



December in 2012

Starts production first 2.4GHz digital wireless system, SYSTEM10



December in 2012

Starts production wireless stereo headset with a built-in headphone amplifier, ATH-CKS99BT
* VGP2013SUMMER Bluetooth headphone section Gold prize
* VGP2013 Bluetooth headphone section Silver prize



January in 2013

NAMM SHOW exhibition


March in 2013

Builds a Fukui Service Center as our outlet for customer service of Audio-Technica products in Japan


April in 2013

Starts production the minimum, the lightest infrared cordless microphone, AT-CLM7000/7700 series



August in 2013

Starts production hands-free microphone for karaoke



November in 2013

Builds a call center in Fukui Service Center


December in 2013

Starts production MC cartridge, AT-ART9
* Analog Grand Prix 2014 Pick-up cartridge section Gold prize
* Audio Excellence Award 2014 Analog section Bronze prize
* 32th MJ Technology of the year 2013 Analog section Second prize
* The Best Compo of the Year Win a prize



February in 2014

Starts providing service parts, GCS (Global Customer Service) to Fukui Service Center


February in 2014

ATW-R1500 (STOMP BOX) taken over from 2.4GHz digital wireless, SYSTEM10
* "Gotta Stock It Award" by NAMM Show 2014 Win a prize



April in 2014

Starts production ATH-DWL500/700, digital wireless headphone system
VGP2014 SUMMER Surround Headphone/ Wireless headphone section

* ATH-DWL700 Gold prize
* ATH-DWL700 Win a prize



May in 2014

Starts production wireless stereo headset, ATH-BT12
* VGP2014 SUMMER Bluetooth, Inner ear type headphone section Gold prize



June in 2014

Starts of At-F2



October in 2015

Audio-Technica Fukui 45th Anniversary