Audio-Technica Fukui Inc.

Audio-Technica Fukui Inc.


We started our business in 1970 in charge of manufacturing & development of Audio-Technica group.


Initial launch of our business was Analog cartridges, and we have been making optical pickup, Semiconductor laser-related products, Wireless Microphones and Headphones as our main products.

"A laboratory in a pastoral setting" as our concept, we built our new office, perfectly equipped 10 Method Anechoic Chamber and Anechoic Room

which are the finest in Audio-Technica group, and we are pleased to provide new products to our customers.


Beside of Analog cartridges, our business is basically based on an Entrance and Exit of sound such as headphones, microphones and speakers.

As an independent manufacturer of converters transmitting electronic signal to sound or sound to electronic signal, we are providing the best sound to all over the world

with cutting-edge technology on the basis of precision techniques of Analog Audio we have been built up for ages.


"Always listening", as shown in the corporate statement of the Audio-Technica Group, we Audio-Technica Fukui will never forget our starting point and keep pursuing "listening", which means we always listen to our customers, partners and employees for the best service.

Our mission is, to be a faithful company and bring finest and high performance products to people around the world.

We will be working on the development and production of unique precision machineries.


We sincerely request your continued kind support and patronage.

October 2014

Takumi Tanishita, Executive director